Present Tense

There is power in repetition, even if you keep repeating the wrong things.

This blog started in earnest in 2002, although with my recent importing of the writing I did for Oasis, that took it back to 1994. But tonight, I used a tool to export the blog as a long, indexed PDF that ended up being 1,892 pages long. And then, with that archive exported in both PDF and Word, I deleted all of the content here.

I think the blog had a lot of good intentions that for the most part have not yet been realized, and even deleting the hundreds of posts in batches of 20, the titles were all a litany of optimistic declarations of unrealized results.

And, after a while, even this blog started seeming like a cataloging of this repeated pattern: using your present to plot your future, and the only successful thing that happens is that blog entry becoming part of your past.

So, with Oasis disappearing, I kind of liked the idea of wiping the entire slate clean, this blog included. I would fill you in on more of my plans, but that would start us back in the same pattern.

I want to actually fill you in on when I do them, instead. There is no glory in the process.

Reinvention can be messy.

Stay tuned.


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