Facebook Detox

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 12.24.15 AMI pretty much stopped using Facebook two days ago (I’m sketchy on when it actually started, as it wasn’t some momentous event).

And I say pretty much, because I’m kind of there no matter what, because I manage social networking stuff for one of my clients, which means I need to be on Facebook/Twitter to do that. And, I’m also sort of still there, since anything I post on my website, like this, will automatically show up on Facebook in absentia.

I was also on Facebook briefly this evening mainly to test out some of the behaviors WordPress and my WordPress mobile app function with Facebook, and the conclusion was that I wish I could control how things appeared a bit more, but I can’t.

Then again, if something is appearing slightly awkwardly between the day’s 13th Game of Thrones post and the 16th Tired Cat post, how much effort should I really put into fixing it? I’m going with none. Sorry, Facebook friends! The main issue is that anything I post here without an image will appear with my smiling mug over there, which is strange, so I guess it just means finding more images.

I wish I could say I’m just disciplined and I avoid using Facebook, but that isn’t true. I actually use software prevent my computer from being able to go there as well as Twitter and Tumblr (ironically named Self Control), and if I get a last-minute request to post something for work, I just boot up the laptop and do it there. I also removed those apps from my iPhone.

It does feel like something is missing. Especially if you’re used to that constant ticker and chatter going on all day. The word that comes up is quiet, even though Facebook is always technically quiet.

But I kind of enjoy it.

I will still pop on once a week and deal with my events, messages, comments, etc., but that’s just because it is the primary means to find out about a lot of things these days. Plus, the plan is to do writing, the gym, etc., 6 days a week, so Facebook can be toyed with on the Sabbath.

So far, so good. And, if the end result is more writing, more reading, more movies, and more real-world engagement… bring it on!

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