It begins…

Finally posting from Thailand… arrived last night after countless hours of waiting and flying. Slept some on the trip, but nothing consistent. I was pretty worn out when I arrived on Koh Samui and had about two hours to wait until the boat for Koh Phangan, but that was the end of the trip, really. The boat ride is only about 30 minutes, and then I’m about 2km from Thong Sala.

I had been traveling for more than 24 hours, but I tried to stay awake as long as I could, to acclimate as soon as possible. I don’t know how long I made it, but it didn’t seem to matter, as I woke up around 7 a.m. this morning.

AWE Resort is pretty much what the website shows. If anything, it is bigger than I expected, with the villa holding two king-sized beds. It will be interesting to see how well I can use the kitchen, but first I have to get food anyway.

If anything, AWE seems to be the only modern-looking villa on our beach. So, with all the other huts and guesthouses, it’s easy to find. I’m the only person renting a villa at the moment, I think, which makes sense given the boat over here, which can hold hundreds only had about a dozen people. I read that tourism to Thailand is down, but this is ridiculous. The restaurant I’m in right now didn’t even stay open last night, since no one was here to eat.

One thing that makes more sense now than before was the reflecting pool. When I saw it, I kept wondering ‘Why would you need a pool so close to the gulf?’ But now that I went into the Gulf, it makes more sense. The Gulf near us was described as having shallow beaches, and considering this area is known for diving, I didn’t think much of it. But this is beyond what I expected of shallow. You have to walk so far out, and it only gets up to your knee.

Then, when you are out near the buoy, further out than you’d expect to be, but still only a little more than knee-deep, where the waves just start forming whitecaps, each wave has a bit of a pull to it. So, you’re finally where you’re starting to feel waves, and expect it would get deeper soon, but not if you’re going to be pulled further out into the Gulf.

There are a lot of varieties in beaches here, it seems. Last time on Samui, it was a lot of stones. At the Sanctuary on the other side of Phangan, there wasn’t much of a beach, and the shore was all shells and other small white stuff that had washed up. Now I have sand, but 18 inches of water.

So, the pool makes sense now…

When I was packing for the trip here, I found the ring Dae gave me the last time I was here. You can read all that stuff here. When he gave me it, the idea was that I would remember him by and come back for him. That’s unlikely to happen, since I’m on a different island than last time. Although, we did meet on the Full Moon Party last time. I’ve got it on.

Gaydar is tricky here, since everyone seems kind of gay yet. Still have to adjust that. Being American, though, everyone that isn’t American always seems somewhat gay at first, since there are always different cultural clues. There used to be an online quiz asking people to look at photos and determine if the person was gay or European. I was never good at it.

Already passed some Ladyboy bars on the way in. As my songthraew drove by the bar, they all waved and told me to come visit them. One kept waving until I was a half-mile away, it seemed. Not sure what it is, but even in San Francisco, Asian trannies are drawn to me.

While I was waiting for my boat, the waiter was cute, and the restaurant was dead, so we were chatting. I thought of it as basic small talk, telling him about my trip here before, asking if he’d ever been to the Full Moon Party, etc., and he would smile and rush away, saying something to the other workers in Thai.

Right before one of his dashes from my table, he said maybe he’d go to Full Moon if I took him, smiled, and walked away. While he was waiting on another table, a waitress came over and handed me a piece of paper. The paper said his name is Neo, gave me his cell phone number, and said “Call when you go to Full Moon Party.”

This possibility must have been discussed in Thai already, because on his next pass, he asked how he could get in touch with me. So I gave him e-mail and the number of my villa. Then he said he’d give me his information, and I showed him the paper, and he got embarrassed and ran off, yelling at the other wait staff.

So, yeah, make what you will of all that…

I was thinking of going to Haad Rin tonight, since it and Thong Sala are the two ports I’m between and I went into Thong Sala this morning. But after reviewing the map, the fresh market and night market are both on Thong Sala, so I think I’ll head back there in late afternoon and try and catch both. I’m starting small, my initial hope is to start having tropical fuit salad for breakfast every day, which is a pretty easy thing to make happen. I’ll work up to full meals.

(Oh, I call this a quick update, for people who keep wondering why I’m not on Twitter, heh)

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