By the time we got to Bangkok…

Flying cross country will be so fast anymore…

An hour from SF to LA, 11 hours from LA to Tokyo, 7 hours from Tokyo to Bangkok, not to mention layovers between each, passports, customs, etc., basically it was longer than 24 hours, most of it spent in the air.

I think the trip to LA was unnecessary, a circumstance of online booking. It offered me a “direct” flight if I went to LA, and I got to pick one seat for the flight. When I later checked my itinerary online, it said “Change” and had two seats locations for me. Basically, United uses one flght number from LA to Bangkok, but it is still an equipment change. What that means is I could have easily flown to Tokyo from SF and shortened the trip a bit.

Oh, and the route did seem strange, too. From LA, we went north (I waved to SF again), and we finally peeled away from the coast around Oregon, past Alaska, past Siberia, and down. I always just assumed you would, you know, just fly across the ocean. Not sure if that is the normal route or what was up there…

Oh well, I’m here now.

Last night, I overpaid for a cab to the guest house (650 baht, $12ish), and knew I was doing it, but I had kind of given in at that point. Just wanted a bed. The room was actually cheaper than the amount they quoted me. Was supposed to be 220 Baht, and they charged me 195, which is what the price on the counter said. So less than $5 a night.

Room is small, literally a twin bed, room to walk around it, a small vanity and a footstool. And a ceiling fan.

It was about 85 degrees when I arrived (around midnight) last night, so I’m curious what it will be like this afternoon. Will be headed down south to the beaches in two days, Kho Samui. No plans beyond that.

Major culture shock so far.

I don’t speak a word of Thai. Not one.

Don’t even have a Bangkok map yet, but here I am, walking around.

I had a small map of where the guesthouse was, and that got me to Kho Sahn Road (where Leonardo goes at the beginning of The Beach, although they filmed it elsewhere).

So, I’m rested on Thai time, but sort of still on California time, it’s 8:30 a.m. and the street isn’t really hopping yet. Hope to get a map soon, sit down and figure out what to see over breakfast.

That’s all for now.

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One Response to By the time we got to Bangkok…

  1. Chris says:

    Regarding the way they seem to track land more than would seem efficent, after some discussions with a pilot friend, I believe it is to minimize the amount of time that they are “out of range” of suitable landing strips.

    The fire supression system in the cargo holds only have a certain effective duration, so for example, the kind of plane he flys has to be within 45 minutes of a landing strip at any time.

    I assume international equipment can go for longer, but I would assume that’s why they try and maximize their time over land.

    Just a guess!

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